Mineral Hygienics Brow Gel

This Clear and Conditioning Brow Gel gently shapes, defines and holds brows in place without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Specially created with rich natural conditioners and essential oils, this luxurious formula can be worn alone or layered over Mineral Hygienic’s Brow Powder or Brow Pencils to lock in a lasting finish. This Gel can be used for both dark and light applications.

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The BEST Mineral Makeup

Testimonial By: Lynne McDermott
I have tried a few other mineral foundations and found that I looked like I was wearing a mask and the makeup made my pores look very large. I even had a friend tell me not to use mineral makeup anymore. As I liked the idea of mineral foundation I did some research on line and decided to try Mineral Hygienics. I have been using Mineral Hygienics for about a year now and could not be happier. I get compliments on my skin, my pores are now invisible and I look better in pictures. What I love most about Mineral Hygienics is that it looks so natural, while evening out my skin tone. The large Kabuki brush distributes the perfect amount of foundation and the longer handle makes it easier to use. I have also discovered that by spraying the kabuki brush with a mineral spray after filling the brush with a small amount of the minerals, acts like a liquid foundation and gives a beautiful finish to the
foundation. Thank you Mineral Hygienics for making such a great quality and affordable product. I will continue to sing your praises to all of my friends.

Wonderfully Natural Foundations

Testimonial By: Jordan L.
I love your products! I have never worn under eye concealer, since I always found that it left two half moons caked under my eyes. The cure, in effect, seemed worse than the disease.

Once I tried your wonderfully natural foundations, I gave your under-eye concealer a try and I have not been without it since!

Best Make Up Ever!

Testimonial By: Jessica
My friend had this on once when she visited, I tried it on and my skin was flawless. She said she could sleep with it on at night without any problems! I've been wanting too buy it ever since!


Testimonial By: Linda
I can't wait for the mornings to come so I can put my makeup on again. I love this stuff. I have tried all of the others BE,Lancom,sheer cover,Jane Iredale,etc but this is the best. I don't feel all dry and powdery I
My skin feels dewy.I just can't say enough.....LOVE!


Testimonial By: Nadine Tribue
Lately I've had an increased interest in greening my beauty routine. Mineral makeup proved to be very tricky because I was skeptical about whether I could find a shade that complemented my complexion (I'm African American). I purchased one brand and tried a bunch others but the colors were always off. The one I purchased though, made my face itch. Doing some research, I found out that it could be an ingredient in the mineral makeup. I never had that with conventional makeup so I was reluctant to switch...Until I tried your product. First putting it on, the color seemed off, but I wore it all day as the instructions said, and checked it in the sun. Not only was the color perfect, but my face had a dewy, natural, flawless look where other foundations were either a matte mask, or were dripping off my face, due to my oily skin and Florida's summer humidity. As I said I wore the makeup all day...I could not be more
pleased. I can't wait to order other makeup. And your service is awesome. I got my makeup in 1-2 days after order. I've never ordered anything online that shipped so fast. I would recommend this to everyone. Why isn't everyone wearing this?


Testimonial By: Suzanne
Wow! I am really amazed how good this is! It looks so natural, as I am not wearing any makeup at all, just happens to have the most flawless perfect skin:-) and my skin is not itching any more as it did with other mineral foundations due to the bismuth.
And also impressedby the fast delivery time, less then one week, to Norway!
Thank you Mineral hygienics

The Best of Three

Testimonial By: Darlene
I started using Maybelline Mineral Makeup several years ago. I thought it was good but wanted something with just a little more coverage. I wanted to try Bare Escentuals but just didn't like the hype around it. I had been using Mineral Hygienics for about a year and absolutely loved it when Bare Escentuals dropped their price. I bought a small sampler and tried it for one day. I will not use it again. The coverage and fine powder of Mineral Hygienics is by far the best of the three. Coverage, color, brushes, price...everything is better. Customer service is fantastic too! No more trying different products, just sticking with Mineral Hygienics!

I love it!

Testimonial By: Mandy Tong
I love it! My skin has been the most sensitive skin that ever graced the earth -I have suffered rosacea, eczema, spots, and redness and irritation and I cannot wear most forms of make-up with them over-drying or plainly irritating my skin, and therefore I have kept away from most things after trying everything including most forms of mineral make-up. Mineral Hygienics was different - the four sole ingredients were pure; blended into my skin easily and covered well and did not irritate my skin to the point that after several months of use my skin became incredibly good - so much so - that after a while I did not bother to wear make-up much at all; and therefore these days I have such a stock of Mineral Hygienics in my bathroom that it will keep me going for months to come!

Thank you so much Mineral Hygienics; I'll be back for more when my stocks have run down :)


Testimonial By: Leah Day
I have been using Mineral Hygienics makeup for almost 5 months now and I love it. I originally purchased the makeup because I was breaking out and decided that maybe the makeup would help. I was skeptical at first, but after applying the makeup for the first time, I was in love. The color blended into my skin beautifully and my face looked like it was glowing! I'm not going to lie and say that it covers up every single blemish and scar because it doesn't. But it does an amazing job, especially when compared to all other powder makeup out there. And it looks natural! For once I can wear makeup and feel confident that it doesn't look all cakey and orange. I'm also not going to lie and say that it has cleared up all of my acne, because I am doing several things to help control my acne, but my acne has lessened in the amount of breakouts and the severity of breakouts. Also, I'm a college student so I am up early and
stay up late. I wear my makeup throughout the ENTIRE day and it still looks good at the end of the day - not perfect, but amazingly pretty good. If I would use any other makeup, my face would break out horrible from wearing makeup that long. With this makeup though, the breakouts stay at a minimum - just little small bumps on my chin and nose, but I also have really sensitive skin. So for me, these results are pretty much a miracle! =)

Unlike all other mineral make-ups!

Testimonial By: Terri M.
Like so many other mineral make-up users, I have tried almost all of them out there...Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, Monave, Sheer Cover, ect. All, much to my disappointment. None of them improved my skin texture, they didn’t provided good coverage, and they didn’t make my face look radiant like Mineral Hygienics! Mineral Hygienics has a special way of combining their pure ingredients for an exceptional look and feel. It took a while to find a foundation shade match for my olive-fair skin tone, but I am one satisfied customer. Their multi-taskers and sheer perfection powders are simply wonderful. With their money back guarantee and free exchanges you can't go wrong. I can’t close this testimonial without mentioning the outstanding, personalized customer service. They work hard to meet your needs and they are so knowledgeable about every product they carry. Thank You! I look
forward to a lifetime of doing business with Mineral Hygienics.

This Clear and Conditioning Brow Gel gently shapes, defines and holds brows in place without leaving them stiff, flaky or sticky. Specially created with rich natural conditioners and essential oils, this luxurious formula can be worn alone or layered over Mineral Hygienic’s Brow Powder or Brow Pencils to lock in a lasting finish. This Gel can be used for both dark and light applications.

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