The Starter Kit ($150 value)      $59.99

A specially priced item that includes everything needed to achieve that perfect, flawless, natural look.


  • A 2 different foundations to ensure a perfect match all season long
  • B 1 highly praised Warm Kiss or Cool Kiss enhancer
  • C 1 Finishing powder to seal your minerals and perfect your look
  • D 1 Kabuki XL brush; for quick application
  • E 1 Flawless Brush: to build layers and final touches
  • F 1 Wonder Concealer brush: to aid in extra coverage for those problem areas
  • G 1 How to Guide; In a few simple steps you'll be on your way to perfect skin
  • H 1 Tips and Tricks catalog
  •  I  1 Travel Bag. All organized in a pretty little bag that works great for travel

100% Money Back Guarantee - 100% Color Match Guarantee

Kate R CBS News

Perfect under the HOT studio lights

I am super impressed with your Minerals! I report the evening news for CBS and it is important that my makeup continues to look fresh throughout the day. Running around all day following stories can take a toll on my appearance. Mineral Hygienics is the first product I've used that doesn't require touch-ups. It provides exception coverage and continues to look great all day! Since switching to Mineral Hygienics I continue to look great! Thank you so much!!!

Meet Louise

She is a 29 year old Project Manager who loves experimenting with make-up, but is extremely picky about the chemicals she puts on her face. Since discovering Mineral Hygienics, she's having a lot more fun with her beauty routine and loves all the compliments she is getting.

She is wearing:

  • Light Tan Foundation
  • A touch of Warm Kiss and Mystic Mauve
  • Sheer Perfection Translucent
  • A concealer to hide her problem areas
  • Her Favourite lip and eye products


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Chemical Free Sun Protection

Titanium dioxide and Zinc oxide offer natural broad-spectrum sun protetional effectively blocking both UVA and UVB rays.

Food truck fixie..



Sun Mercury Venus Venus Venus


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