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What is the Home Delivery Club?

The Mineral Hygienics Home Delivery Club is a little bit different than what you might expect. It’s different in a good way. It has great benefits for those enrolled. For starters, you never have to pay for your foundation. It comes free of charge just for being enrolled in the HDC! Rather than shipping the exact same foundation every couple months, we thought it would be better to ship special kits and combinations of makeup just for members of the Home Delivery Club. Over time this will get you the best of the best products and maintain your foundation needs free of charge!

How does it work?

If you enroll in the HDC; Every 2 months we will automatically ship you different Mineral Hygienics products. We have many great combinations that will enhance your Mineral Hygienics collection. As the seasons change, we will make modifications to get you the latest and greatest colors based on trends.

  • What does it cost: Every 2 months we will charge your credit card $45.00 plus S/H. Many shipments will contain products valued at more than $45.00, but your price will not increase.

  • What are you going to send: Before auto shipments are processed we will send out an email indicating what is coming up in the next auto shipment. In the rare case you absolutely need to make a change to your shipment, let us know and we’ll swap out the products for you.

  • How do I get my free foundation supply: Send us an email letting us know you are out and we'll prepare an order for you. Free shipping of course! (limit 1 free foundation per 3 months)

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What do the shipments consist of?

Exclusive HDC kits. Below are examples of shipments.
  • Three Eye Shadows and a Full Eye Shadow Brush. – ($53 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)
    The colors will be matched for the season. All designed to work together or individually to create that perfect look.

  • one Lip Stick, one Lip Liner, one Illuminizer – ($54 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)
    The lip colors will be matched up to ensure a great fit. Color selection will be based on our personal faves, seasonal changes, and the latest trends

  • one Eye Liner, one Mascara, one Eye Shadow – ($50 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)

  • one Mineral Enhancer, one Finishing Powder, one Blush - – ($54 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)

  • one Brow Powder or Brow Liner, one Brow Gel, one Flat Mini Liner– ($57 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)

  • one Eye Liner, one Mascara, one Eye Shadow – ($50 Value + Free foundation supply anytime)

Q: How do I sign up?
A: When placing your order check the box that enrolls you in the Home Delivery Club, you will save $5.00 instantly on your order. You can also email us and we'll enroll you. We'll apply the $5.00 discount on your first shipment.

Q: Can I cancel my membership?
A: Absolutely. Yes! You can opt out of the Home Delivery Club any time you want.

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