Home Delivery Program

Q: Will I be automatically enrolled into the Home Delivery Program?

A: NO - You are not automatically enrolled into the Home Delivery Program. If you purchase a Starter Kit and would like to enjoy the benefits of the Home Delivery Program you can sign up during the checkout process!

Q: What is the Mineral Hygienics Home Delivery Program?

A: The Mineral Hygienics Home Delivery Club is a little bit different than most auto shipment clubs. Itís different in a good way. It has great benefits for those enrolled. For starters, you never have to pay for your foundation. It comes free of charge just for being enrolled in the HDC! Rather than shipping out the exact same thing every couple months, we thought it would be more fun (and beneficial) to ship special kits and combinations of makeup just for members. Overtime this will get you the best of the best products and maintain your foundation needs free of charge!

Q: How much is the Mineral Hygienics Home Delivery Program?

A: Every 2 months we will charge your credit card $45.00 plus S/H. Many shipments will contain product value in excess of $45.00 but you will still be charged the same amount.

Q: How can I make adjustments to my delivery?

To make an adjustment please send us an EMAIL indicating what you want changed. We will respond promptly confirming the changes made.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the Home Delivery Club
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