Usage Guide

Q: How do I apply Mineral Hygienics SPF Foundation?

A: Pour out a small amount of the minerals into the lid of the foundation jar. "SWIRL" the brush in the jar, most of the minerals should disappear into the bristles. Tap the brush against the rim to "SET" the minerals into the brush. This also should knock off any excess minerals on the outside of the brush.

In a circular motion, starting on the perimeter of your face begin to buff the minerals on to your face. While buffing work towards the center of your face to your cheeks and chin. Start with a thin layer of Mineral Foundation, and add more layers as needed. Repeat the steps above until you get the coverage you desire, keep in mind that you may need to reload your brush to achieve adequate coverage.

When finished your skin should look completely natural.
Check out the tips and tricks page for more detail.

Q: How much should I use?

A: Mineral Hygienics uses highly concentrated and super pigmented colors, so a little goes a long way. Just tap a little out of the jar.

Q: Where else can I use Mineral Hygienics?

A: All over! Feel free to go crazy! You can wear it on your neck, arms, legs, and anywhere you want to camouflage skin flaws and discolorations.

Q: Can I use Mineral Hygienics even if I don't have skin flaws?

A: Absolutly!!! Even with perfect skin you'll love the silky, natural, flawless finish that will bring your skin to a healthy glow. The pure and natural formula will also provide SPF sun protection.

Q: When I first apply Mineral Hygienics, it looks dry. Is that normal?

A: Yes, the Mineral Foundation may look dry when first applied. As it mixes with your skin's natural oils, it will start to warm up. The dryness disappears to leave a luminescent, flawless finish.

Q: Will Mineral Hygienics wash off in water?

A: Your look will not be affected by water. Even in hot temperatures and humidity you're skin will continue to look great. It's sweat-proof so you can even wear it when you work out. As with any foundation, however, avoid excessive touching or rubbing, which can remove your Mineral Hygienics finish. To remove your foundation gently wash it away with a mild cleanser.

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