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What is Communitree?

Communitree allocates the profits from Mineral Hygienics to help create big impacts on your small community. Communitree enables a single person to make a massive impact regardless of their financial situation. It allows our customers to create a ripple and leverage the profits of Mineral Hygienics to assist your cause, your church, your charity, or other special need. With Communitree we can help you generate 10’s of thousands of dollars for your cause. All it takes is your ripple to get started…

What is a Ripple?

A ripple is a small action that causes a chain reaction. Ripples are not splashes, not rip curls, not tidal waves....NOT YET.
Did you know that a Tsunami starts as a small underground tremor? That small tremor begins to create ripples, those ripples turn into waves, that eventually turn into a Tsunami thousands of miles away.

With Communitree it only takes a small movement to create a BIG impact. Stop thinking it has to be some BIG rock...With Communitree, all you need is a small pebble. Throw it in the water, and Communitree can turn your ripple into something incredible.

How it works?

  • Start a Ripple: Each time you make a purchase you have the opportunity to request that we donate 35% of the profits from your order towards your cause. All you have to do is tell us where to direct the funds during checkout and tell a couple friends to do the same. We take care of the rest.

  • Start a Bigger Ripple: Share Communitree with the leaders and members of your cause. Have someone in charge contact Communitree and we'll leverage your group's power and donate 75% of the profits to your cause.

  • Amplify: After you’ve built momentum, and have seen the power, Amplify. Tell others about your cause and how they can support you. And remember...their support doesn’t cost them anything if they are already buying makeup.

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What can I support? Who Can I support?

Communitree in essence is your foundation. It can support pretty much anything you want, with one exception. It must be a local. We do not support national charities.
  • If you know someone that was in an accident and has bills piling up. Start a ripple for them.
  • If you want help your church’s general fund or special programs within the church. Start a ripple.
  • If you help out at a food bank. Start a ripple and accomplish more.

  • Examples:
    • Your Church
    • A friend with Medical bills
    • Girl and Boy Scouts
    • Your local School
    • A food bank
    • Animal Charities
    • Environmental Causes
    • Child Sponsor Programs
    • Libraries
    • Many Others...

Q: I know someone in need or I have a cause, but I’m not really sure how I can help start my ripple.
A: Send us an email. We’ll help you out.

Q: Does Communitree help us in any way?
A: Absolutely. Communitree can provide you with exclusive coupons and other great options. We can share ideas and come up with plans that will dramatically increase the impact of your ripple, yet cost you nothing. We will support your cause with flyers and other customize solutions. Just ask, we’re here to help.

Q: Is there a minimum?
A: Anyone can start a ripple, but we require 3 other supporters or 1 group leader for us to begin supporting you. Communitree is designed to create big impacts. We burden all of the expenses. It takes a lot of time and resources for us to manage this program for you. When we see that you are committed, we become committed to you.

Q: We currently have fundraisers like bake sales, walkathons and carwashes. Can Communitree be of benefit.
A: Absolutely. Communitree can easily generate 10X the amount of money for your organization than a bake sale. No one has to make cookies, work at the sale, spend money on things they really didn’t need. It is a self-sustaining system that will give month after month, year after year with very little to no work. Imagine having a bake sale and selling 10X the amount of cookies and doing it each month.

Q: What information do you need about my cause?
A: Anything you can share with us is great, but in order for us to verify and send payment we need the following:
  • Name of Organization:
  • Website, Facebook or other social page of organization:
  • Name of Pastor or Leader of the organization:
  • Address:
  • Phone Number:
  • Email address:
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