Application Tips: Smokey Eye Shadow

Take your time when working with minerals. You will soon find an application method that works great for you. You'll appreciate the evenness of the color, and concentration that the powder allows for light or heavy coverage.

Always remember: A little goes a long ways!!!


Smokey Eye Shadow

The Smokey Eye Shadow look is a very popular look for that special occasion or sexy "night on the town". Smokey Eyes can easily be achieved using two or three eye colors. Most people assume that a Smokey Eye Shadow color has to be done with dark charcoal pigments. This is not the case! You can use browns, deep purples, blues and greens to be a little more dramatic. You can top it off with a little shimmer. It all depends on what kind of look you want to achieve! Even though this look is fairly simple to do, there is a big difference between being done right and being done wrong. You should not have any lines to tell where one color starts and another ends, all the colors should compliment each other and blend well together. And remember that Practice Makes Perfect! Don't give up, it's a beautiful look and easy once you're mastered it!.

Step 1:
The first step if needed is to prime. Use an eye primer or very light foundation all over your eye so that you have a nice even tone.

Step 2:
Pick your colors! You'll want to find two or three shades of color. Lighter to Darker. As we discussed, earlier they do not have to be charcoals and blacks.

Step 3:
After you have your colors chosen; apply the lightest color or "highlight color" to the brow bone and upper part of your eye lid. If desired, this is the best place to add a little shimmer.

Step 4:
Now add in your medium or "mid-tone". Starting at your lash work towards the crease. As you meet the highlighted area, slightly blend it in.

Step 5:
Use your darkest color along your lash line and blend in towards your crease.

Step 6:
Use the darkest color on your lower lash to achieve the shadowed effect.

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