Mineral Eye Shadow - Java Gold

Java Gold is a striking amber toned shimmery iridescent Eye Shadow. As a member of the Mocha collection, these colors are the richest reflective brown-tones available, and stunningly beautiful for day or night, especially when layered together.

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Works great with my sensitive skin

Testimonial By: Amy F
I just started using Mineral Hygienics a few weeks ago & really like it! It works with my extremely sensitive & allergy-prone skin. The coverage looks great as well. Much better than the Jane Iredale I tried prior to MH! Thank you!


Testimonial By: Diane H.
I have tried Bare Minerals, Jane Iredale, Everyday Minerals, Signature Minerals--with the exception of the last one--all of them I have used for months before looking elsewhere. The bottom line with Bare Minerals is that I break out. I used it for years--truly and just broke out but I thought it was my face. I switched to Jane Iredale for a year or so but the colors were never right and still had some break outs. I had no breakouts with Everyday Minerals, but after trying all of their different formulations my faced seemed a bit cakey and my skin was so oily. Actually, my skin was oily with all of them. I stopped breaking out with Everyday Minerals though. Then on a whim, I decided to go back to Bare Minerals and bought and new started kit at ULTA. I started getting adult acne again. I have now been using your minerals for a few weeks or so. No break outs, not oily and definitely not a cakey look. Your color
medium light seems perfect. I love your minerals! They somehow cover but are so sheer. I love the idea of using the finishing powder first--it really controls the oil. The makeup is lasting--just like the reviews said.

Very Sensitive Skin

Testimonial By: Karina M.
I have very very sensitive skin and this is the only makeup that I've found to not irritate my skin. It covers all the imperfections but feels so light on my face that I sometimes forget that I'm wearing anything at all. I get numerous complements on my complexion and I have already recommended this product to 3 of my friends who have sensitive and problematic skin as well. Thank you for creating this amazing makeup.


Testimonial By: jean Freeman
Having tried many mineral powders only to find them shiny and irritating, I can honestly say that Mineral Hygienics powders are exceptional. They look very natural yet cover well. The brow and eye pencils go on easily and wear well. Exceptional also is their customer service. Having been in the field for over 25 years, I recognize and appreciate exceptional service. You will not be disappointed!

Former Mary Kay beleiver....

Testimonial By: Angie F.
Former Mary Kay beleiver.... I have been using Mineral Hygienics for about a month now and each day I am more amazed with the results. I was raised by a very dedicated Mary Kay user and became one myself, so to stray away from their products was almost like committing a mortal sin.

Since using Mineral Hygienics my skin just glows! There is no more touching up my makeup when I go home for lunch or even when I get off work! It stays in place from morning to night. The ultimate test came yesterday. I was amazed to find that after an entire day of boating in 90 degree heat, with my five year old spraying me with water guns all afternoon, that when it came time to go out for dinner, the only thing that needed help was my hair!!! Unbelievable!

Mineral Hygienics has won me over and I will not be going back to my old products, in fact, I have thrown most of them away already!

My Search is Over

Testimonial By: Carol P.
I have been searching for a mineral makeup that lasts and doesn't feel or look chalky. I also can't wear anything with bismuth oxychloride because it makes me itch. My search is finally over! Mineral Hygienics does everything the company says it will do. My face is flawless. The makeup is smooth as silk. The colors are easy to match to your skintone because they give you two foundation colors. The Kabuki brush is super soft and the makeup glides on flawlessly. I can't say enough about Mineral Hygienics. I'm a customer for life. I work 12 hours shifts and with my oily skin, most cosmetics I have used in the past are gone by the end of my shift. I put these minerals to the test and actually slept in them. I woke up to find my minerals were actually still in place. The redness and uneven places on my face were still covered. I can't believe it! I don't feel like I'm even wearing makeup. Mineral Hygienics, don'
t change a thing. I LOVE THIS MINERAL MAKEUP!

41 and VERY Satisfied

Testimonial By: Karla D.
I am 41 years of age and have been wearing makeup since the age of 13. Of course, at that age you buy what you can afford and you don’t look at the name brand. You look at the colors, not at the quality. As time goes by, you try to find a better product that will last all day without caking, smearing, running, and will make you look younger and hide those wrinkles.

I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least that your eye shadows are wonderful!!! You have such a nice variety of colors that last all day long and so easy to apply with the brush provided. It feels great on my skin, without a cake feeling. I have had people ask me what color of eye shadow I was wearing and I have told them what is was and where I got it. I would definitely recommend mineral hygienic eyewear to anyone. Keep doing a great job as your products are the premier line!!!
Another satisfied customer,

Finally found good mineral makeup!

Testimonial By: Jasmine
I have very acne-prone sensitive skin that breaks out really easily. Most other cosmetics give me whiteheads, but I've experienced no breakouts since using mineral hygenics. I like that you can build the coverage up, and it doesn't look cakey when first applied. Pretty pricey for me to buy and be shipped to the UK, but I think it's worth it. Thank you, mineral hygenics!

Naturally Beautiful

Testimonial By: Karina
What I love about Mineral Hygienics makeup is that I can wear it anytime and anywhere. It provides a beautiful natural look. It is never too powdery and even looks brilliant in the sun. I am never worried that my face looks "made up" in the revealing sun light. I am an active person and I used to wash my make up off before working out so I wouldn't have the make up streaks down my face or acne. Mineral Hygienics is so light and natural I don't need to wash my face before working out. I only have to apply the make up in the morning and it is good for the entire day. Mineral Hygienics is a quick and easy way to get the natural look I love.

My favorite is the bronzer...I use it as blush :)

Simply The BEST!

Testimonial By: Jaydee Borba
I have acne, and some scarring that is sometimes difficult to cover and keep covered throughout the day. I have tried every "big name" mineral make-up out there...if you heard of it, I have probably tried it. They all promised to cover, protect, and even improve my skin. NOT TRUE! Not only were the shades too yellow,some of them contained the ingredient Bismuth Oxychloride which caused my skin to itch and breakout in small bumps. The coverage was disappointing to say the least. I had just about given up on mineral make-up when I found Mineral Hygienics. I was still skeptical. When I first applied Mineral Hygienics foundation I was amazed! It did everything that ever dreamed it would! It delivered on every promise that all the other mineral make-ups promised. The shade matched my skin tone. My blemishes were covered, my scars were smoothed, my small lines were smoothed. The best way to describe what this make-up
did for my face is air-brushed! As the day wore on, my skin looked even better... somehow the oils in my skin caused the minerals to look great!...not to mention it doesn't rub off on my clothes or tissues at all. I even put it to the test and wore it to the gym.... to my amazement, it stayed in place and continued to give me full coverage even with all my sweat.

Im so glad I found Mineral Hygienics. For anyone who has had bad experiences with mineral make-ups and is skeptical....Give it one more shot and try this make-up! There are no lies on this website....this make-up delivers on every promise listed. If I could sell this make-up, I would, I am that PLEASED!

Java Gold is a striking amber toned shimmery iridescent Eye Shadow. As a member of the Mocha collection, these colors are the richest reflective brown-tones available, and stunningly beautiful for day or night, especially when layered together.

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