Mineral Eye Shadow - Vanilla

Vanilla is a very pale cream colored Eye Shadow with excellent coverage and a touch of iridescent finish.

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After recently visiting my dermatologist....

Testimonial By: Christine C.
After recently visiting my dermatologist.... "I spend quite a bit of time in the sun, and really like to play up my summer tan with bronzers to enhance the natural color I get. I discovered the Mineral Hygienics Tan Start-up Kit from a friend and absolutely love all of the products! After recently visiting my dermatologist and hearing first-hand an update on the rising risks of skin cancer, I was happy to tell her that not only do I always wear sunscreen, but even my make-up has an SPF! Thanks to Mineral Hygienics I can have a natural sun-kissed glow with a flawless finish that I really feel confident in."

I won't leave the house without it!

Testimonial By: Ashley L.
I won't leave the house without it! I started using your mineral makeup about 4 months ago and I can't believe what my skin looked like from the second I first used it. First of all, I do not like "makeup", cakey, liquid foundation. I have never liked it and for the last few years have just used a little bit of powder on my face to even it out, tone it, and hide little imperfections. That powder however, hasn't been touched since I started using your product. It took a few days to get used to it, as the texture and consistency is different than loose powder, and it is applied differently, but I love it so much now, I won't leave the house without it! I have light skin, and quite a few red blotches. I am also pregnant, and have not been so lucky to get the "pregnancy glow." I instead have gotten pregnancy acne. Little pimples on my cheeks and forehead. This mineral makeup makes my skin look
perfect. Really, now I do have the "pregnancy glow" and frankly even when I'm not pregnant I will too, now that I have found this makeup. I am so excited to have great looking skin, I feel so much more confident with myself, especially while talking with people face to face. Thank you so much for the work you guys have clearly put into developing an amazing product.

Mineral Hygienics is better than other mineral products

Testimonial By: Charlene F
"I don't wear a lot of makeup, so I was looking for a product that covered imperfections in my skin, but wasn't heavy. Mineral Hygienics foundation is perfect, and better than other mineral products that I've tried! It stays on all day and looks like I'm not wearing any makeup at all. My skin still feels like my skin, but better.

Not all Minerals are the same...

Testimonial By: Isabel Charleston
These are truthfully the best natural cosmetics money can buy. I applied these minerals on my face, I look and feel great. It amazes me because in the past I had tried all kinds of cosmetic brands but I had different types of reactions, from hives to dizziness. I thought something was wrong with my skin and I researched about the ingredients on those cosmetics. I was shocked to find out that they had many synthetic chemicals which are harmful to my health. I found out about mineral cosmetics, I tried some but still had headaches. I learned the hard way that not all mineral cosmetics are the same, some still use few harmful chemicals. With Mineral Hygienics I am able to wear make-up for over 2 hours for the first time in my life! Thanks to you. I want to tell about this product to all women around the world!!!

Quick and Easy

Testimonial By: Helen Schneider
As a student with a busy schedule, I love that Mineral Hygienics is quick and easy to apply and doesn't show mistakes or make-up lines like some foundations. With its lasting coverage I can apply it in the morning and forget about it for the rest of the day.

"au natural"

Testimonial By: Jennifer Hamilton
I am a minimalist, but my imperfect skin doesn’t give me the confidence to go completely “au natural”. I was so happy to find an all natural makeup that is both good for my skin and actually works! Thank you!!

Mineral Hygienics = Perfection

Testimonial By: Hillary Mackel
When it comes to makeup, I’m a perfectionist. In my daily morning routine, I used to spend 45 minutes applying and blending my makeup. Since I have switched to using Mineral Hygienics, I have cut my time down to 10 minutes and love the way I look! My face looks perfect!!!

pure, natural, and weightless

Testimonial By: Sara Hillesheim
Mineral Hygienics is pure, natural, and weightless. I love it because it doesn’t feel like I am wearing make-up, not to mention that it doesn’t harm my skin. It has awesome coverage compared to bare escentials – which I will never use again. Your minerals easily cover up my redness and provide my skin with an even tone and a subtle glow. I also like the SPF factor as a preventative means of skin care. In my opinion, Mineral Hygienics is the best makeup that anyone could buy. Thank You!

Best Makeup Ever!!!

Testimonial By: Lindsey Valentini
Best Makeup Ever!!! I was hesitant to
try Mineral Hygienics because I have very dry skin. I never have used face
powder before, and I thought that this mineral foundation was the same thing –
so it just wouldn’t be for me. But I tried a friend’s Mineral Hygienics one day
just for fun and was amazed! It didn’t make my face feel “powdery” at all. It
seems to warm up to my skin to give my face a smooth finish. I have no idea how
this makeup works, but I’m very happy with it.

Flawless Skin in minutes...

Testimonial By: Noelle Wiebelhaus
Flawless Skin in minutes... I live in Minnesota where drastic seasonal weather changes wreak havoc
on my skin! I have fair skin and am very prone to redness. I'm also a
very active person and "the make-up look" is not my style. I also don't
like the feeling of wearing foundation, so until now I've mostly just
had to live with the redness. That was before I found Mineral Hygienics
makeup. I love it because it gives me the coverage I need to even out my
skin, but I don't feel like I'm wearing makeup! Now I can have
natural-looking flawless skin without having to spend hours trying to
blend in the sticky liquid foundations. I love it!

Vanilla is a very pale cream colored Eye Shadow with excellent coverage and a touch of iridescent finish.

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